Learn Ways To Select Color Schemes And Focal Points In Your Child’s Safe Haven.

Learn Ways To Select Color Schemes And Focal Points In Your Child's Safe Haven.

Learn Ways To Select Color Schemes And Focal Points In Your Child’s Safe Haven.

For a room, the most important piece is a focal point, no matter how big or small the room is. And this applies to kids’ rooms as well. While adults’ rooms have an architectural piece or mirror or coffee table as the focal points, you can place a king-size bed mattress or a large bean bag or a big window with a nice view as the focal points of kids’ rooms.


If we adults have king- and queen-sized beds for master bedrooms, why would the kids be deprived of them? Place a large bed in the middle of the room, if the room is quite spacious, else, place it on one side, against the wall. This way, it will serve a dual purpose- act as a focal point and also increase the remaining space of the room.

Sitting Arrangements

Kids love funky kinds of stuff; regular chairs or benches won’t appeal to them as much as bean bags or others would do. Get a stuffed bean bag or two and scatter it on the floor. They are movable, and thus, your kids can themselves move them and do some cleaning. This way, you would teach them to do household chores too.

A View

Kids get bored easily. So, make a window on the side of the road. Roads stay always busy; thus, your kids won’t ever get bored of the view. If you have a garden, make a window overlooking the lush greenery. You can also add some beautiful, attractive frames to make those widows even more captivating.

Coming to colors, designers always say, ‘Kids will outgrow you before they outgrow these colors.’ Thus, you need to choose such colors that they won’t outgrow within just a few years.

The days of picking blue for boys and pink for girls are gone. It’s now time for gender-neutral colors with a theme of pop and funky.

Eggshell White

Pure white is solely for adults and is also stark and crude. Increase the coziness of your kids’ room with this eggshell white shade. Leaning towards the off-white tone, this shade will help you maintain the neutral theme of your home, yet give a different angle to your youngster’s room.


Another wall of choice amongst the millennials for their kiddos is a chalkboard wall. Kids, anyways, will scribble all over the walls and all places available, from the moment they learn to hold a pencil.  So, why not give them a whole wall all to themselves for bringing that Picasso or Einstein out? These chalkboard-themed walls are walls that are made out of slate stone. Now, they can write and paint to their ultimate without you having to worry about how to clean them.

Light Green

Pale green or lime or light green is the best choice of color if your child is a bit towards the serious end and the room needs to look big. With the study and computer table, play zone, cupboards, many a time, the room looks a bit too congested. This shade will let all the natural light come in at the maximum and make the room look quite spacious.

Picking a kid’s room color or focal point is not a very difficult job. The only thing you’ve to do is to imagine yourself at their places and think of the things you would enjoy and want as a kid. That’s it! Let the child in you flow and do all the designs to get the best kids’ room of the lot.

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