Anime Fighters Simulator Codes – loose Yen and XP (October 2021)

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Anime Fighters Simulator Codes – loose Yen and XP (October 2021)

In Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll gather and teach the most powerful combatants withinside the universe. Level up your characters and bring together the most powerful crew you can. Travel and find out absolutely new worlds or even be the primary to find out formerly unknown combatants. But even the best warriors may want to use a touch help. Here is a listing of Anime Fighters Simulator codes that will help you in your journey.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

Gold500k: Super Luck Boost (New)
CrimesIsland: Luck Boosts (New)
SorryForShutdown: 15 Minute Golden Luck Boost
SCity: 15 Minute Luck and Yen Boosts
Pog400k: 15 Minute Yen and Damage Boosts
200milcrazy: 15 Minute Golden Luck Boost
Insane200k: 30 Minute Luck and Yen Boost
CurseHigh: 15 Minute Luck and Damage Boosts
Nice300k: Free Boosts
Thanks150k: Yen and Luck Boost
NewSulley750k: Luck Boost (need to be on this group)
Poggers100Mil: Yen and Luck Boost
Sub2Numerous: 10 mins of XP Boost
Sub2foxpanda: Yen Boost
Sub2codenex: 10 mins of Luck Boost
Sub2Veyar: 10 mins of Luck Boost
Yeet250k: Yen Boost
cyclxnee: Luck Boost
The codes above were confirmed to paintings as of the ultimate take a look at. We will periodically take a look at that those codes are nonetheless valid. We may also replace the listing as quickly as new codes are released. So please bookmark this web page and take a look at returned every day for the brand new updates.

Expired Codes

TicketCode: Free Permanent Raid Ticket
CraftBug: five Free Tickets
EmptyWorld: 15 mins of Luck Boost
100kRecord: Damage, Yen and Luck Boost
UpdateDelay: 20 Minute Yen Boost
VirtualCastle: Luck Boost
Nice200k: Luck Boost
Almost100k: Luck and Yen Boosts
ChimeraIsland: Luck Boost
Sulley500k: Yen Boost
50MilThanks: Luck and Yen Boosts
Epic150k: Boosts
60kCCU: Luck Boost
GhoulCity: Luck Boost
Pog125k: 15 Minute Luck Boost
SlayerCorps: loose Damage and Yen Boost
Magic100k: 30 Minutes Yen Boost
Locomotive654: 10 Minute Luck Boost
ILikeTrains: 30 Minute Luck Boost
AttackOfGiants: 15 Minute Luck Boost
Sulley100k: Luck Boost (Must be joined to Sulley Group)
RealDaireb: 15 Minute Yen Boost
BronzePiece_: 15 Minute XP Boost
HeroAcademy: 30 Minute Yen Boost
SuperLikes: 30 Minute Yen Boost
EpicCode: 30 Minute Yen Boost
MegaLikes: 30 Minute Yen Boost
ManyLikes: 30 Minute Yen Boost
Super75k: 15 Minute Luck Boost
Awesome50k: five Minute Yen Boost
Lucky30k: five Minute Luck Boost
Sulley: 30 Minute Yen Boost (Must be joined to Sulley group)

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fighters Simulator

*Open Anime Fighters Simulator
*Click at the Twitter icon at the center proper of the screen
*Enter in one of the codes above withinside the container that pops up

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