5 Best Magazine to Refer for IAS Exam

5 Best Magazine to Refer for IAS Exam

5 Best Magazine to Refer for IAS Exam

If you are an aspirant of the Civil Services exam then you must be aware that the magazines are an important source to cover up the vast syllabus of the UPSC Exam. They are the extra reading materials that help you to keep abreast in the preparation of the examination. There are many magazines that can help you in the preparation of current affairs in the UPSC exam but you need not read all the magazines that are available. Going through a few selective monthly magazines will help you to score good marks in the Civil Services exam in both Prelims and Mains examination. Through this article we are trying to iron out the doubts of candidates as to which magazines to read for exam preparation. Therefore, go through the list of important magazines that you should read for comprehensive preparation of the UPSC exam.

List of 5 Magazines to refer to for the preparation of IAS examination

1. Economic and Political Weekly

2. Yojana magazine

3. Down to Earth

4. Kurukshetra Magazine

5. Monthly previews by PRS

Let us find out more about these magazines –

1. Economically and Political Weekly – This is a reputed and excellent social science journal. The utility of this magazine is limited for the preparation for the Civil Services exam. The articles in the magazines are quite technical in nature and require multiple readings. The focus is on economic issues, but it is a multidisciplinary publication covering sociology, political science, history and environmental studies. It publishes an analysis of contemporary affairs along with academic papers in the social sciences. The articles are contributed by leading subject experts, well-known public commentators and political activists.

2. Yojana magazines – Yojana is one of the best monthly magazines to cover up the current affairs for the civil services exam. It is published by the I&B ministry, Government of India. It deals with socio-economic issues, which are significant from the Indian perspective. The magazine is now available in 13 languages and gives you data, facts, etc which are accepted by the Government. You can know more about the Yojana Magazines on the given link.

3. Down to Earth – It is a fortnightly magazine, focusing on environmental issues and awareness and also covers politics of development, environment, and health. It is very useful for geography optional students. The candidate should read and analyze the topics according to the syllabus.

4. Kurukshetra Magazine – The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, published this monthly journal that solely deals with Rural Development. In fact, it serves as a forum for serious discussion of the various issues related to agriculture and rural development. To help candidates understand about the various schemes introduced by the government, this is the best source. According to the recent trend in the civil service exam, UPSC is focusing on the environment and rural development etc. hence, Kurukshetra can be the best bet both in Prelims and Main examination. Read more about the Kurukshetra magazine on the given link.

5. Monthly Previews by PRS – This is another one of the best magazines for UPSC that is of great help in consolidating the facts related to all government policies, reforms, and bills passed. Although not as crucial as Yojana, Kurukshetra is still mandatory if you want to brush up on your knowledge and assessment of the government’s standpoint. At the very least, Magazines can be a singular, all-encompassing source of information about a subject. Articles on a particular topic are published in a magazine which provides the topic coverage broad and from multiple perspectives, which are extremely important in preparing for the UPSC exam.

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