3 Expert Tips to Become Instagram Famous in 2021

3 Expert Tips to Become Instagram Famous in 2021

3 Expert Tips to Become Instagram Famous in 2021

There are many hacks like fake followers and Instagram pods that can help you boost followership but you can’t become popular this way. You need to be fully dedicated and adopt organic ways to make yourself an Instagram famous.

Instagram is not a platform where you can become famous overnight. When you look at any influencer, you may get thoughts like what’s a big deal in doing this. In reality, there is so much more behind the scene.

If you want to be the next Jeffree Star, you need to take off like Claudia Garcia, an emerging social media influencer in the fields of beauty and fashion. So are you the one who wants to get fame on Instagram? Follow the advice from experts below:

How to Get Fame on Instagram

The tips below will surely help you become Instagram famous in a legit way.

Upload Your Best Picture on Profile

The first thing that Instagrammers look at while visiting and review profiles is the profile picture. Showing your face through your profile is the best way to interact with visitors and followers. 

According to experts, Instagram is quite a personal platform like Facebook where people come for entertainment and gossips.

So, showing users the face of an individual or team behind the account is far more than better than giving them some logo on the profile picture. In short, the more personalized your account will be, the better engagement you receive.

Followers Want to See ‘YOU’

Like using your face in the profile picture, it’s also effective to use your face in the posts as well. Why? Because the followers actually want to see you.

There is no denying that people follow influencers to get views and tips on certain interests and skills, including makeup, photography, fashion, traveling, life hacks, and so on.

However, in the end, all of them look for your face. According to the research conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, photos with faces get 38% likes on Instagram than photos with no faces.

Keep Your Bio Updated

People first check your bio before exploring your account from top to bottom. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your bio clear, concise, and updated so that visitors get an idea of what kind of content they are going to see.

For instance, your Instagram bio should introduce you well like who are you, what you do, and why people should follow you.

Besides, insert a couple of emojis in your bio to keep it a bit casual as we said earlier that Instagram is not a professional platform. If you want to keep things professional, you should better go to LinkedIn.

What’s more? If you have just shared a new post, add a link to your bio. These are the few tips that can make your profile impressive.

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