10 Ornamental Plants That Will Add Natural Beauty to Your Home


10 Ornamental Plants That Will Add Natural Beauty to Your Home

Whether you are a plant fanatic or not, you cannot deny that plants always add to a room’s aesthetic. They bring a lovely flash of green to a dreary section of the house and, without a doubt, give the interior decor an outdoorsy air. On the other hand, nature has a way of enchanting us in a million different ways, for which we are eternally grateful.

Whether you’ve recently developed an interest in plants and want to brighten up your living space, or you need to change the interiors for the new season, some lovely plants are ideal for bringing life and colour into your house.  Plants are a clever and affordable way to brighten up your home without breaking the bank. By adding colour, texture, and natural beauty to a space with ornamental plants.  You’ll be astonished at how much they can do to make your place look nice. Send plants online to different parts of your country to brighten the day of your family and folks. 

Our top ten recommendations are listed below. 

And, of course, don’t forget about the innumerable health benefits they will provide! 


A pothos (Epipremnum aureum), an easy-care houseplant with show-stopping foliage, is known for its big, gorgeous, showy leaves.  It pours from hanging baskets like a splashing waterfall or grows upright if given support. Give your pothos plenty of water and a sunny or brightly lit location. 

Mist of Silver

Try ornamental grass as a houseplant for something unique and lovely. 

One to consider is the mondo grass (Ophiopogon) ‘Silver Mist,’ which has delicate foliage in elfin green and silver tones. 

Silver Mist grass grows up to 10 inches tall when grown in a container. 

Water the plant only when the soil becomes dry and keeps it in bright, indirect sunshine.

Violets from Africa

It’s challenging to find someone who enjoys African violets (Saintpaulia). 

The tiny, free-flowering plant with velvety leaves and colourful flowers is a favourite of most individuals who own one. 

If you like it, choose a colour (white, purple, pink, lavender, or wine), place it in filtered light, and watch it blossom year after year with minimal effort. 

Water the plant carefully at the base with lukewarm water that has been sitting for 48 hours.

Fig Fiddle Leaf

The broad, leathery leaves of a tall fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) may instantly transform and revitalize a space. 

The fiddles are “carved” into the bright green, dinner-plate-sized leaves. 

Give your small tree plenty of sunshine and keep the soil moist but not damp. Order ornamental plants online. 

Maple with flowers

Flowering maples (Abutilon hybridum) are not related to maple trees in the least. 

They are, nevertheless, stunning houseplants with deeply lobed leaves (which resemble maple leaves) and delicate, hanging blooms in a rainbow of colours. 

Water when the top inch of soil is dry and place this little bush in an east-west window. 

The flowering maple can flower for most of the year with proper maintenance. 


The amaryllis, also known as Hippeastrum hybrida, will disprove your assumption that bulb plants are best grown outside. 

Amaryllis are known for their vast, bright blossoms on short stalks and are sometimes the most magnificent of all bulbs. 

What colour is it? 

Red, salmon, orange, pink, and multicoloured options are available. 

The amaryllis, which is sold as a potted flowering plant, blooms around the end of the year and continues until the beginning of summer. 

Dig out the bulb and store it in an excellent, dry spot for six weeks before replanting and watching the spectacle resume.

Flamingos in bloom

Flamingo flowers stand out in a crowd with their vibrant red waxy bracts and spathe spikes. 

They’re fantastic indoor plants. 

Flowering flamingos, also known by their scientific name Anthurium, have tiny blooms on their spathes that grow into vivid red berries later. 

It’s simple to keep the plants in good shape. 

Only water the lance-shaped bracts once in a while and wipe the dust off with a damp sponge. 


Aechmea, Neoregelia, and Guzmania are just a few of the genera that have gorgeous foliage plants. 

Their leaves are strappy and come in a variety of colours, including reds, greens, purples, oranges, and yellows, as well as banded, striped, and spotted varieties. 

They form a type of central urn or water-collecting cup by growing in rosettes. 

Bromeliad blossoms, in the form of tall, brilliant spikes of bracts, grow from the cup’s centre. 

Bromeliads acquire their food and nutrients from rain that fills up the cup in the wild, but in the house, you should use fast-draining potting soil. 

Plants with a Purple Heart

Purpleheart plants (Tradescantia pallida) have lush, purple, lance-shaped leaves that make them very attractive houseplants. 

Plant this tropical gem in a hanging basket to allow the foliage to cascade softly over the edge. 

Then, in the summer, tiny pink three-petaled blooms will appear in the leaf axils. 

They provide a magnificent contrast to the dense greenery, catching everyone’s attention. 

Water only when the soil is dried. 

Bush Elephants

Elephant bush (Portlucaria afra ‘Variegata ) may appear too large for the house, but it is actually an excellent ground cover and foliage plant for hanging baskets. 

The broad, scarlet branches of this magnificent shrub are adorned with small, round, appealing leaves. Send indoor plants online to your family and friends to enliven their living space. 

There are also occasions when you receive little white or pink blossoms. 

Give elephant bush plenty of sun, well-drained soil, and water regularly.

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